Asking for what you want in a way that gives you results

Money is an energy that operates on fundamental principles which apply to you, however wealthy or poor you are at the moment. When you follow the principles, it works. It's as simple as that.

Being open and receptive to money makes all the difference

When you understand how money flows, you'll know how to manage your emotional state to make sure it's as easy as possible for you to receive money and everything else you've asked for.

Take simple steps to learn how to make beautiful requests

  • Learn

    Discover the simplicity of the energy of money through short videos and texts. Then it's up to you to practise and get it working for you.

  • Relax

    Use the mantra "Relax, Enjoy, Love" to help you become open and receptive to money. Our audio activations will help you practise every day.

  • Discuss

    Experience the surprise and delight of making a beautiful request that works. And then it's even more practice so you get better and better at it.

Follow a 30 day program

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    0. Admin

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    • Monthly Q&A with Sarah | Date, Time and Link

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    • Community | Join our community space

    • Support | How to ask questions

  • 2

    1. Introduction

    • Instructions | How To Do This Course

    • Transformance | Money Speaks - Why are you so afraid of me

    • Introduction | What Is a Beautiful Request?

    • Reflection | How Good Are You At Manifesting?

  • 3

    2. Asking For Money

    • Your Natural System | How Do You Make a Beautiful Request?

    • The Technique | When Do You Need to Make a Beautiful Request?

    • Transformance | Money Speaks: You Are Enough

    • This Changes Everything | Or Something Better

    • Reading | The Art of Making Beautiful Requests

    • Spark Board | A Simple Way To Make Requests

  • 4

    3. Receiving Money

    • Receiving Money | Cultivating the Right Internal Environment

    • Reflection | Relax, Enjoy, Love

  • 5

    4. How The System Works

    • A Cool Game | Play the Money God

    • Reflection | How's Your Money System Working?

  • 6

    5. Refining Your Approach

    • Examples | Different Approaches to Bringing in a Request

    • Reflection | Finding Your Style

    • Transformance | River Of Gold

  • 7

    Activations | Week 1

    • Activation | A beautiful request - 28 mins

    • Activation | How to get what you want - 27 mins

    • Activation | Ask for help - 27 mins

    • Activation | Ask for what you want - 26 mins

    • Activation | Be brave to get what you want - 28 mins

    • Results | Your Beautiful Requests

  • 8

    Activations | Week 2

    • Activation | Ask and receive - 28 mins

    • Activation | Let's manifest - 27 mins

    • Activation | Receive beautiful energy - 28 mins

    • Activation | Creativity - from idea to reality - 29 mins

    • Activation | Results with grace - 24 mins

    • Results | Saying Thank You

  • 9

    Activations | Week 3

    • Activation | - 25 mins

    • Activation | Lets enjoy today - 28 mins

    • Activation | Enjoy the moment - 27 mins

    • Activation | Access your inner power - 27 mins

    • Activation | Creating meaning - 27 mins

    • Results | Feeling Good

  • 10

    Activations | Week 4

    • Activation | A clear mind - 27 mins

    • Activation | When will you feel good enough - 25 mins

    • Activation | Let's express our gratitude - 28 mins

    • Activation | Relax into love - 20 mins

    • Activation | Manifesting - 27 mins

    • Results | Summing Up And Looking Forward

  • 11

    Expansion Material

    • Podcast | A beautiful request

    • Podcast | Asking for help

    • Podcast | Asking and receiving

    • Podcast | Asking for what you want

    • Podcast | How to manifest

    • Podcast | The power of the present moment

    • Podcast | Find your beauty

    • Podcast | Creating a clear mind

    • Podcast | Graceful results

    • Podcast | Let's enjoy

    • Podcast | You're free to create meaning

    • Podcast | Enjoy because it's all right

    • Podcast | When will you feel good enough

    • Podcast | Manifesting

    • Podcast | Relax into love

  • 12

    Download Activations

    • Activations Element 4

Loved by our students

Susan Shaner

I am really appreciating you and the new currency course. You are the real deal - authentic, accessible and grounded. I have taught and been taught many courses in the corporate world and personal healing world for thirty years and yours is most powerful. THANK YOU for showing me a different way - personally and professionally.

Jon Ramer

I defined myself as a social change artist and entrepreneur and my relationship with money wasn’t happy and healthy. The course has helped me to stop for a second and explore some of my unexplored assumptions about money in my life. The course was such a gift at the right time. I went from not being able to talk about money to realizing that its value is so great.

Tim Andrews

I just wanted to share with you a manifestation. Cash flow has been tight the last few weeks so I put out on Monday that I will have £30,000 or something better come into the account by end of the week. Turns out some funds had been misallocated and I got something better. Almost 3x that much.

Guided by Sarah McCrum

Sarah McCrum

Most people experience fear and stress around money and they’re not aware how much it’s influencing their business, financial and family life, and their impact in the world. Sarah is a teacher and author who offers a practical, relaxed approach through her courses, workshops, books and audio and video recordings. Her work is based on her book, Love Money, Money Loves You, and is founded on 30 years of personal practice, 22 years of training with Chinese Masters and two decades of coaching business owners and leaders.


  • How long can I access the course?

    You have lifelong access to all course materials. Since no one knows how long "lifelong" really is, if we need to close the platform in the future for any reason we will contact you and let you download everything before we close it.

  • Is this part of the Thank You Money program?

    Yes, it's the fourth Element of Thank You Money.

  • Can I upgrade to the full Thank You Money program after doing this course?

    Yes, you can upgrade to the full program.

  • How does the guarantee work?

    If you don't like the program you can email us any time within 30 days of purchase and we will refund you in full.

  • I've already done another of Sarah's online courses about money. Do I need this course?

    If you've already done The Consciousness of Money Online or The Generous Loving Energy of Money, you will find some repetition here, which can be good for embedding the learning more thoroughly. If you want something new, please check out the Advanced section at the top of the page.

  • I've done a retreat with Sarah. Is this course valuable for me?

    Yes, absolutely. The retreats are focused on experience but they don't cover the fundamentals of transforming your relationship with money which happens over a longer time. I recommend you look at the full Thank You Money program (see Courses link at the top of the page).

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Ask for what you want and receive generously

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